Sustainable aviation requires a collective effort to change actual operations with newer and most-efficient ones. The ClimOP Consortium knows it well. That’s why we have always strived to build synergies with projects with the same purpose: reducing aviation’s climate impact!

Throughout the years, ClimOP invested develop synergies with its sister projects ACACIA, GreAT and ALTERNATE. But it didn’t stop there. The Consortium has also fostered collaboration with AEON, an SJU-funded research project looking for an innovative concept of engine-off taxiing operations, RENAISSANCE, an H2020-funded Innovation Action supporting clean production and shared energy distribution in local communities, and OLGA, another H2020-funded project aiming to improve the aviation sector’s environmental impact in an innovative and sustainable way.

The collaborations with these projects assumed several forms, ranging from joint communication activities to the exchange of technical knowledge. With this last goal, ClimOP opened up to a new project, REIVON. The project looks at reducing CO2 emission via optimisation of aircraft size, range, and flight network.

ClimOP and REIVON met recently to share insights on the work done by the two Consortia. In particular, ClimOP shared its results on the climate and stakeholders’ assessment of operational improvements (OIs), such as flying low and slow, intermediate stop-over operations, and strategic network optimisation. Results that the REIVON project plans to consider in its future.

ClimOP will continue nurturing the collaboration with all these projects to be sure that the work done in these three years will continue to resonate in the research community until the first net-zero European flight take off!