This week ClimOp has been presented in the 4th InterFAB Expert Talk held on Tuesday 11 May. The presentation on “Climate change and the role of ATM” was held by Dr Sigrun Matthes from the German Aerospace Center (DLR), a member of the ClimOp Consortium. During her speech, Dr Matthes argued how climate change should be put at the top of the political agenda, describing the climate impact of aviation and the respective role of ATM.

It is here that ClimOp makes its appearance as a project that is looking at measuring all aspects of aviation impact on climate to find a set of most promising mitigation strategies to cut aviation emissions.

The Expert Talks is a series of meetings organized by FABEC (The Functional Airspace Block Europe Central) aiming to provide a platform where share experiences and views from experts on key issues, related to data and performance in ATM. Being part of this gathering has been a huge occasion for sharing the project findings with the ATM stakeholders.

We hope to see you at our next meeting.