On September the 2nd, 2021, ClimOP took part in the 11th EASN Conference to give two presentations on the activities carried out during last year. The first presentation described the current status and achievements of the ClimOP project for the first 20 months of activities. The latter concerned the analysis of NOx-O3 effects from optimised air traffic made by using algorithmic climate change functions, highlighting its relation with the ClimOP objectives. The presentations resulted as good received by the attendees since the presenters received further information requests from the participants.

The ClimOP presentations were part of the ACGA Common session, a joint communication activity that the Consortium organized with the ClimOP sister projects ACACIA, GreAT and ALTERNATE. The four projects were selected by the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) within the action “Aviation operations impact on climate change” as projects pursuing this purpose. ClimOP and its sister projects focus on complementary aspects: 

  • GreAT: innovative methods for a more climate-friendly air traffic management; 
  • ACACIA: a scientifically sound understanding of the aviation contribution to climate change; 
  • ALTERNATE: new fuels less dependent on fossil sources; 
  • ClimOP: the identification and assessment of the most promising operational improvements to reduce the aviation climate impact and the evaluation of their impact on all the aviation stakeholders.

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